Introducing Advanced Scripting Advanced Scripting 


By default, the platform offers you no-code, visual mode to build your integrations, and migrations. 

But sometimes, your use case is so specific and complex that it requires additional scripts, so now you can add JavaScript code that will be run before the integration, before the item request object is sent, and before a comment is created. Advanced Scripting offers you flexibility and control.

When to use The Advanced Scripting – the use case

90% of use cases can be handled by our visual mode, but sometimes as we mentioned above, there is a need to provide more complex logic for field synchronization. For example, if in Jira you have one dropdown field with an option that depends on 2 or more fields in Azure DevOps, then scripting can become handy with handling this issue. You can provide custom JavaScript code, before an item in Jira is created or updated, and depending on the values of fields in the Azure DevOps item, you can define a value for the Jira item.


Another interesting logic that could be coded is automatic sprints and iteration paths synchronisation. Before integration is run, you can write custom JavaScript code that will fetch sprints from Jira and Iteration Paths from Azure and find out which exactly are missing. gives you the most power – the perfect combination of scripting and visual mode.

In the Exalate tool, you need to choose whether you want to use visual-mode or scripting mode. We think you should get the combined power of both solutions. Use our visual mode to get the speed, and comfort of setting up the most common use cases for integration (or migration), and add some scripts in The Advanced Scripting when it is needed, when the visual mode doesn’t offer you what you need.

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