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3 minute set-up

1. Create connection

You don’t need to install in Jira, Zendesk, ServiceNow,, or anywhere. All you need to do is to simply provide URL of your instance, email address/username, and password/token (depending on the tool you’re integrating with). Thanks to that approach, is not affecting the performance of the apps (f.e. Jira).

3 minute set-up

2. Type mapping

Map tasks, issues, epics, work items, incidents, sub-tasks. Select them from the dropdown menu, and that’s it.

By default, integration platform is setting up 2-way integration with those fields, with the comments synchronisation enabled. 

3 minute set-up

3. Field mapping

If you want to synchronise more than just Title, and Description, you just need to add more fields to your integration. Add Assignees, Statuses, Labels, Custom fields, and more. If you want to enable comments synchronisation – it’s just a one click.

SaaS or On-Premise deployment

01. Maximum security

Some customers require maximum level of security – f.e. FinTech companies. If that’s your case, and you are looking for a platform that works fully behinf the firewall, secured as strong as you need  – On-Premise deployment is here for you.

02. Real time synchronization

You can choose between real time synchronisation (in on-premise version) or 3 min intervals (SaaS). 

03. Logs and Health reports platform provides logs preview, and health reports for Admins, Consultants, DevOps engineers who are administrating the platform. All that, to be able to respond fast to any issues. 

Our customers say it best

In one project, we decided against developing our own interface for time reasons. The AddOn is simply great and offers a cost-effective solution for many usescases. The support is really first class! In case of configuration queries or problems, someone was always available and we were able to overcome every hurdle together. My conclusion: We will now do without the development of an API much more often and use this Platform.

Christopher Franzke

We have a development team in India that exclusively uses Asana, a contracted team in New Zealand that exclusively uses Jira, and a few key members along with our QA team spread across every timezone in the U.S. that work in both. We’re currently running 6 integrations with this tool that have hundreds (if not thousands) of issues/tasks. Needless to say, this is absolutely vital for our company and I’ve become very familiar with this product in the last six months.

Richard Winstock

Implementation of a synchronization between Jira and Service Now with Getint. Very easy to set up, the product is very well designed. The support is very responsive to different needs. I highly recommend it.

 Mathieu Gallas

Thanks a lot for the quick help and excellent assistance! Highly appreciate your service. I always got a quick, honest and to the point response, amazing support and amazing team! Many thanks

Lina Massarwa

Been working with Getint for a few months now, and can genuinely say they are the hardest working team I’ve met! Always eager to help, to expand their product and to meet or normally exceed our expectations. Their product is easy to work with, quickly deployed and far superior to the competitor product we used to use. Highly recommended!

Spyder O’Neil

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