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Azure DevOps ServiceNow integration

Azure DevOps – ServiceNow integration/synchronisation lets you connect, integrate and synchronise two work management tools, and integrate data between the instances used by different teams within your company and/or by your external Partners. 

Integrate work items, incidents, tasks, bugs, with custom fields, attachments, statuses, assignees, and more. 

Migrate from Azure DevOps to ServiceNow, or from ServiceNow to Azure DevOps.

Get full-service assistance, if needed.

3-minute setup to get you up and running asap

01. You don’t need to install the app in Azure DevOps or ServiceNow

02. To integrate Azure DevOps with ServiceNow, simply establish the connection with Azure DevOps, and with ServiceNow (provide instance URL, login, password/API token)

03. Execute the basic field mapping (f.e. Issue – Task)

04. Add required fields (assignees, labels, etc.).
Enable attachments sync.

Do the mapping of users, and statuses.

05. Name your integration, save the settings, and enjoy!

Azure DevOps ServiceNow integration helps you synchronize the most popular fields, and more.

Suported features
due date
assignement groups
Custom fields

Choose the deployment mode, that works best for you. can work fully behind the firewall, which is very important to most FinTech companies. Our goal is to provide service that best suits your case. Reach out to us to learn more.



Our customers say it best

Highly recommended, especially the support is incredibly helpful and takes care of questions and concerns very very quickly! an absolute recommendation!

Christian Kienzl

Thanks a lot for the quick help and excellent assistance! Highly appreciate your service. I always got a quick, honest and to the point response, amazing support and amazing team! Many thanks

Lina Massarwa

I am truly impressed. Getint team not only built a great service, but also provide helpful support. For a great cost.

Lev Leontyev

Great app, fully integrated, easy to set up. I encountered a use case I couldn’t solve, reached out to the customer service and they’ve been really helpful AND quick in their response. The only default I can pick up is the UI which is not so friendly at first, BUT it allows a lot of custom settings, so it is worth it to push through.

 Olivier Gagneur

Been working with Getint for a few months now, and can genuinely say they are the hardest working team I’ve met! Always eager to help, to expand their product and to meet or normally exceed our expectations. Their product is easy to work with, quickly deployed and far superior to the competitor product we used to use. Highly recommended!

Richard Winstock

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Go to documentation, to check more details about platform.

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