Integrating Jira Cloud with 4 ServiceNow instances

Client: Deloitte

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil



We work with Deloitte for a second year now. The project started when one of the Brazilian Atlassian Platinum Partners approached us to help Deloitte with integrating Jira Cloud with 3 ServiceNow instances. The project grew up to 4 ServiceNow connections, and will soon scale to 5. Deloitte is integrating their Jira with ServiceNow instances of their Customers. 


About the Client

Deloitte is a global consulting company, that operates globally. It was founded 178 years ago in England and employs more than 415,000 people worldwide.  In this case study, we describe our cooperation with the Brazilian branch.

About our contact 

Carlos is a security analyst at Deloitte. 

Why integrate Jira with ServiceNow?

To efficiently handle all incidents generated by the customer’s SIEM tool. To work efficiently, we need to have our Jira integrated with the ServiceNow instances of our clients. 

How many connections do you have, and how are you using them?

We have four connections currently. We started with 3, and we plan to scale to 5. Each ServiceNow is connected, and integrated with our Jira Cloud.

What was the biggest challenge?

Able to link dynamic fields between Jira and Q-Radar. They are custom fields that receive a dynamic value.

Why do you like Getint?

Because it has efficiently met our needs, thus maintaining a good relationship.



The integration tool works great. It is possible to follow the field mappings step by step, which facilitates the verification when a field is faulty. The only downside is that sometimes changing the values of the mapped fields takes a while to appear, especially in the workflow
(Getint comment: The client uses the SaaS version of our platform, which runs every 3 minutes. If real-time integrations are needed, we have an OnPremise version that works live).

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