Introducing Freshworks: Freshdesk, and Freshservice integrations. integrations platform is a product that grows thanks to our customers. Here is the next proof 🙂 One of our first customers, that is already using Jira – ServiceNow integration reach out to us to ask if there is a possibility to add another product to the platform: Freshdesk, and Freshservice from Freshworks. 

The procedure here is that we evaluate the business potential of new tools, we estimate if the technical possibilities exist, and if they are – we estimate the cost. Since our customer accepted it – we’re happy to announce, that we’re adding Freshdesk and Freshservice to the portfolio of supported applications.

What is Freshdesk

Freshdesk is an online cloud-based customer support software from Freshworks. What makes it special is that it’s a pretty straightforward tool, that is easy to use, and easy to start working with. Freshdesk is used by more than 50,000 customers worldwide including Capgemini, DHL, and HP. Thanks to Freshdesk, your support team can engage with your customers, and prospects on a variety of channels including Facebook, and Twitter.  

Freshdesk is often called the perfect Zendesk alternative, mostly because the features are relatively similar, but the pricing is much more affordable. 

What is Freshservice

Freshservice is a Unified, cloud-based IT Service Management Solution. Freshservice features include a ticketing system, self-service portal, and knowledge base. The tool was designed to help IT Administrators. What makes Freshservice great is the fact that it can be easily set up. Freshservice is often considered a ServiceNow alternative. The tool was featured in Gartner Magic Quadrant as ‘Challenger’ in 2021 Gartner MQ for ITSM Tools.


Freshdesk Jira integration

Freshdesk customers are often looking for reliable, and advanced integration with Jira (but as we also support integrations with Azure DevOps, Asana, Monday, and all the other tools in our portfolio). If you don’t want to use Jira Service Management internally, because your teams prefer Freshdesk – will provide an integration that will enable great cooperation. On the other hand, if you are working in Jira and you want to work with a contractor using Freshdesk instead of JSM, again – will help you make that cooperation happen. 


Freshservice Jira integration

Freshservice customers/administrators are mostly searching for robust Jira integration. Our tool is an answer, providing great possibilities to handle both easy and very advanced scenarios. 


Why is better than native integrations lets you integrate all the basics like titles, descriptions, attachments, comments, and statuses. But it also enables you to integrate custom fields, it enables you to handle very advanced scenarios thanks to the custom scripting feature, and it allows you to migrate from one source to another. Apart from that, can be self-hosted, which means that it can work fully behind the firewall. provides logs, and plenty of details to make the work of administrators, DevOps engineers, and people from IT operations way easier.

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